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the world is on fire. are you having fun yet?

are you alive?

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Sweet Prince
5 December 1982
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2012, 420, activism, adventure, alchemy, altered states, american culture, american dream, anarchy, androgyny, art, awareness, baroque, barter, beauty, bisexual, blood, body modification, books, building, capitalism, catamites, catholicism, change, changing the world, chinese, chivalry, church, claws, consciousness, conspiracies, creating, creativity, creatures, credit, destruction, discipline, discordianism, dreams, drugs, eating, economics, education, end of the world, eris, erotica, evolution, fangs, feral, food, fox, fractals, gay, god, grace, growing, heaven, history, homosexuality, humanity, idealism, instincts, jesus, kitsune, kittens, knights, lewdness, libraries, life, linguistics, lost causes, magic, mammals, manifest destiny, martyrs, mass psychology, mastercard, masturbation, materialism, messiah, metal, mind, money, music, mysticism, mythology, natural disasters, nature, new world, occult, pain, patterns, philosophy, plastic, political change, politics, pop culture, power, productivity, prophecy, publishing, quantum mechanics, queer, quetzalcoatl, reality, rebirth, religion, revelation, revolution, romanticism, rugged individualism, saint jude, saviour, scripture, sex, sexual deviance, sexuality, shamanism, shapeshifting, sheep, social change, social deviance, society, sophia, sorrow, spells, spontaneity, storm chasing, taoism, teaching, the eschaton, the virgin mary, torture, turmoil, utilitarianism, vibration, violence, visa, voice, war, weapons, wonder, word magic, words, worlds, writing, yang, yin, youth, yuais

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